The Bones of Cities 2

The Bones of Cities: James White

This is the second test image for The Bones of Cities.






5 responses to “The Bones of Cities 2”

  1. Christian Sisson Avatar

    This is other planet! Amazing!

  2. Ben, from before Avatar

    I like it, but it could use some constructive criticism. Firstly, I noticed the title of your website, and I think perhaps some quotation marks around the word “art” (like that) might be somewhat more aesthetically pleasing, from a design sense, whilst simultaneously being more accurate in a technical sense at portraying accuracy of content, and therein. And secondly, please take no notice of my name, or email address, or any method of ever contacting me for further discussion. Fourthly, it reminds me a lot of what I am about to do. Please revise.

  3. . Avatar

    It kind of reminds me of Hong Kong, especially with the nice details of the planes flying over.

  4. Joseph Maguire Avatar

    As a fellow designer and artist, I know right off the bat man why I love your work. It’s got a systematic approach to it. It’s filled with angularity and awesome color/art direction but its filled with that tiny piece of environment the piece of nature that makes it feel like it’s got a heart beat. throwing a dolphin into the blue city picture makes it feel as if it’s under water and still very much alive although the past is dead. The same goes in this one with the plan flying off despite the angularity.

    I like everything about your work and theirs alot to be said about it than just it being retro or sylistic. You got something going on here keep it up. I will have to get that daft punk poster when its up for sale!!!

  5. Integral Apparel Avatar

    I am loving this one, the other didnt capture the title, but this looks like a old barrand(sp) wasteland, great work, and defintely will put this on my “follow up cause your designs are so good” list lol

    Great work!

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