Poster art by Tom Hodge

Here is an awesome spread of work by London’s own Tom Hodge, also known as The Dude Designs. I first saw Tom’s work when his official poster for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN emerged about a year ago and have been frequenting his site ever since to see what he’s been up to. My favorite of his might be that DEAR GOD NO! poster above. His work is fantastic and crazy, really dives into independent VHS cover art from the 80s … back when covers and posters meant something.

But, we’re living in an interesting time right now. With the rise of artists like Tom, Olly Moss, Phantom City Creative, La Boca, Tyler Stout and the platform Mondo has built, we are seeing more attention being brought back to the art of the movie poster which has for too long been ruled by Photoshopped floating heads. This makes me happy. Real happy.

Be sure to read this article on BBC, Film poster artists revive a dying craft. Essential reading today.






4 responses to “Poster art by Tom Hodge”

  1. Patryk Cichocki Avatar

    this is madness, I love it

  2. Jeremy Wheeler Avatar

    Thanks for giving some love to Tom. The Dude’s work is always exceptional.

  3. Peter McKenna Avatar
    Peter McKenna

    I’ve never seen the Red Scorpion movie poster before — it was weird seeing the face of the actor on the far right of that poster (T.P. McKenna) pop up in my news feed this afternoon — he’s my uncle. Awesome posters anyway.

  4. Steve Fraschini Avatar

    The “Dear God No” poster is really interesting and complex in its composition, the “Patch Town” typo is very cool!

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