The Art of Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Stefan Glerum

Beautiful illustration and design work by Netherlands-based artist Stefan Glerum. Stefan’s obvious and honest appreciation of illustration from the past took me by complete surprise this morning. Not only is his pencil work beautiful and appropriately aged, he had an excellent eye for aesthetic, color and typography.

His hand-lettered elements and odd characters harken back to 1920s Europe, maybe with a touch of Bauhaus and Parisian Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec? At any rate, I’m thrilled to see someone take such an off-kilter illustration style and apply it to modern projects and events.

This work is so accurately executed, I can’t believe it’s current. Check out more work by Stefan Glerum on his official website.






5 responses to “The Art of Stefan Glerum”

  1. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Yeah, great stuff. I appreciate the guts to make type barely legible. The designs are strong enough to draw in viewers who can’t decipher the text right away, so it all works. I love the color palettes and creative use of geometry.
    Thanks for the great find, James!

  2. Paul Avatar

    Wow, such a lovely use of colour, the first image in particular is amazing!

  3. Lo Avatar

    That “woof!” piece is my fav. Dope post.

  4. Caio Avatar


  5. colin Avatar

    OMG! thanks for the tip, really love it.
    inspiration from the past and goes beyond!

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