The art of Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Shusei Nagaoka

Here is some beautiful vintage sci-fi by Japanese illustrator Shusei Nagaoka. I had come across his Electric Light Orchestra work a few times but never looked into the artist behind that colorful spaceship.

Nagaoka’s work is electrifying, to say the least. The soft touch of the airbrush mixed with the hard mechanical precision of the ships and architecture is top-notch. Simply love his blown out colors and everything seems to be glowing. Really inspired by this guy’s work, makes me want to run to my sketchbook.

You can see more of Shusei Nagaoka’s work here and here, as well as his official site. Big thanks to Chris Nutt for the heads up on his work. You rock!






5 responses to “The art of Shusei Nagaoka”

  1. Cameron Avatar

    This is really inspiring, thanks for the sharing. Great find!

  2. Chris Avatar

    My parents have the full fold out ELO (Out of the Blue) record. The interior of the space station is fantastic as well.

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  5. SP3KTR Avatar

    Hey James, Thanks for this post, I now know who painted the covers of my mecco star wars collection. word on this.

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