The art of Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini

When it comes to rock, you just can’t mess with the stylings of Finnish artist Sakke Soini. I’ve been seeing his work all over the design blogs for the past while and admire the amount of effort and detail he puts into his work, whether it’s illustration, photo manipulation, or whatever. Great stuff, lots of retro-future fun and I love the amped-up grit he adds to his work.

Bright colors. Chrome text. Lightning. Space stuff . . . I can’t get enough of that gear.

You can see more of Soini’s work on his Behance as well as his personal website.






3 responses to “The art of Sakke Soini”

  1. barton damer Avatar

    Yeah! His work is amazing. Such good style.

  2. Deiby Avatar

    I absolutely love his stuff. He is one of my top fav digital artists.

  3. Zack Avatar

    Very nice. Sweet 2001 tribute.

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