The art of Kilian Eng

I came across the work of Kilian Eng quite by accident a few days ago and am extremely happy I did. This Swedish designer has a perfect mix of rough 80’s rock and the surreal illustration of Moebius. Not only does Kilian nail those color palettes with precision, but the atmosphere he conveys in each piece is beautiful. All these pieces look like they are part of a bigger story, and in most cases they are.

Swing over to Kilian’s Behance account to check out the full spread on a grand scale. Amazing stuff.






2 responses to “The art of Kilian Eng”

  1. Casey Conchinha Avatar

    Kilian Eng is the man, I have been following his work for a few months and I subscribe to his rss feed.

    Amazing, glad others agree.

  2. Jerko Avatar

    Dude, that Suspiria one is awesome!

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