The art of John Mattos

I’ve been a fan of The Rocketeer for quite some time after being reintroduced to the franchise by my pal Dave Howlett. The movie is fantastic and the comics are even better. But I can remember when seeing that amazing Rocketeer poster kicking around the theater back in the early 90s, and I always loved it. So here it is, along with a bunch of other work by the artist, John Mattos.

My jaw hit the floor when I discovered this stuff. Such smooth vectors and beautiful color palettes inspired my art deco and vintage travel posters. I would really like to get a glimpse into John’s creative process, where he starts and what references he draws upon.

You can check out John’s Behance account for more of his excellent illustration work.






9 responses to “The art of John Mattos”

  1. Paul Avatar

    what a beautiful images, a design that we see the Italian Futurism
    Paul from italian blog

  2. Jiyong Avatar

    wow verry nice ! i like first and second picture :)

  3. Eva Avatar

    Definitly love this “old communist” style! Rocketter is nice!

  4. Chris Avatar

    The Rocke-who?

  5. Jeroen Marechal Avatar

    I love this style :) It’s like the old propaganda ads made by Russia and USA during the cold wars. Love the Fidel one!

  6. GUS the Gamer Avatar


    ive swear you have posted this before, like I saw the future :O

  7. mal Avatar

    I didn’t know that poster was John Mattos. Awesome work! If you like the Rocketeer, check out Dave Stevens, the creator of the character and outrageous illustrator as well. He passed away in 2008 at 52…

  8. MyTubeDesign Avatar

    Hmmm… not bad but not my kinda style

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