The Art of Drew Struzan

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  1. Growing up in Italy I never knew about Drew Struzan until you mentioned him and yes, I said “He did all of those posters?!”

    As we commented on Twitter, it’s sad to see how Hollywood has taken his work and stripped it of all composition, storytelling and emotion to focus solely on badly photoshopped headshots of the current star.

    Its reassuring to know that there are people like you out there who are trying to bring quality back to the art of poster design.

  2. Remember that scene from the new Mist movie where Jane’s character paints the Dark Tower one and the “The Thing” one stands in the back? :)

    But I digress.

  3. Insane. Coming from a younger generation I suppose I took a lot of these illustrations for granted. I can’t believe they are all one person, and amazingly I love them all. I need this book.

  4. Great collection here James! Thanks for posting them!

    Man, i can’t believe they didn’t use the Hellboy II one! What were they thinking!?

  5. Good god!
    I never saw the poster of pan’s labyrinth by drew struzan :O
    It is amazing!

  6. Wicked awesome…. the first artwork of his I saw was, The Thing and Back to the Future poster. Amazing work from Drew.

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