The art of Dave McKean

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  1. I first saw McKean’s work on the Cover of Burn my eyes from Machine Head. Then started discovering all other covers he had worked on for great bands, like Testament, Fear Factory just to name a few.
    You can see more here.
    He was a great inspiration for me also. Great post.

  2. Arkham Asylum – the best. It wouldn’t be half as powerful or memorable without McKean’s illustrations. The imagery is gorgeous and makes the story that much more terrifying.

  3. Nice one James, Dave McKean is a huge influence in my personal work and I am stoked you are exposing your fans to such a comic master. What do you think of the similarity between McKean and Bill Sienkiewicz’s work? I think it might be the influence of Barron Storey, but what do you think?

  4. Thanks a lot for the comments, gang. For a really long time I was the only person I knew who heard of Dave McKean (being from a small town). So great to see others who were influenced by his work and ambition.

  5. Right there with you, James. I arrived at McKean after some warming up with Bill Sienkiewicz. For the years I was actively doing a lot of freelance illustration (mid-late 90’s) Dave’s influence was heavy on me indeed. I had the good fortune to meet him on a few occasions (mostly at Comic-con)… and was even lucky enough to purchase a page of original art from Mr. Punch!

  6. What a piece of shit art you make!

    By comparing yourself with Dave you are just making a fool out of you

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