Thank-you Vancouver!

• Onstage, talking about posters. Photo by Cherie Korol.

Relaxing in the hotel room after 2 days of FITC Vancouver. Those Rain Wizards may have been up to their old antics, but that didn’t sour the mood of the event at all. The Centre of Digital Media was full to see the talks and presentations from some really smart folk, and somehow they weaseled in this jackass from Dartmouth.

Want to send a huge thank-you to everyone who stuck around until the bitter end to see my Design Renegade presentation. Those FITC goons put me onstage in the very last slot to close out the event. Honoured, I tell ya. We had some laughs, listened to some rock n’ roll and I showed a pile of work and stories. Big, big thanks to Shawn, Lisa and the entire FITC staff for putting on such a wonderful event. Always fun. Every single time.

Thus concludes the Design Renegade West Coast Tour. Just 2 dates, but they were powerful. My speaking schedule will be quiet for a couple of months before packing up my gear and heading to the mighty FITC Amsterdam in February. Can’t wait.






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