Thank-you Portland!

• The man with the plan, Dave Hardy!
• Everyone got a free Mama’s Sauce Gum Card.

I’m holed-up in my hotel room in downtown Vancouver with nothing but Portland on my mind. It was a whirlwind trip down there, only in town for a day and a half to do my Design Renegade speaking joint and the little trip could not have been better. I mega-giant thank-you to EVERYONE who came out to the event, hung around to shake hands, and even laughed at my dumb jokes. Fantastic and passionate crowd you were! Everyone who attended got a free Mama’s Sauce Gum Card to boot.

A big shout-out to AIGA Portland for running such a wonderful event, Union Pine for running a smooth and beautiful venue, and of course Dave Hardy for being the instigator and mastermind behind the whole thing. You are all in the Signalnoise “great people” list and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all!

I’m now focused on you, Vancouver. I take the stage tomorrow (the 18th) at 4:35pm, the final presentation of FITC Vancouver. Design Renegade will close the place down. Hope to see you there!






3 responses to “Thank-you Portland!”

  1. Joseph Cotten Avatar

    Awesome! Two cool dudes right there.

  2. Don Clark Avatar

    Niiiice shirt! Thanks man.

  3. Rob Imbs Avatar

    This is such a cool design James.

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