Thank-you Manila!

Graphika Manila
Photo by The Wandering Jade.
Graphika Manila
A dark but giant shot of the audience. And this is only the center portion.
New pals! Koto and Shin of DEVILROBOTS!
Shin of DEVILROBOTS messed with my Sad Mac icon.
Shin of DEVILROBOTS messed with my Sad Mac icon.

What a hell of a trip. I’m currently pecking away on my laptop in a hotel room in Toronto, my head still spinning from my trip over to Graphika Manila. What a heck of a time. Seen in the photo above are all us speakers onstage at the end of the event. (L-R) Benjamin Seide, myself, Jessica WalshArmand Serrano, Benja Harney, Shin, Ryan Honey and Koto.

Without further ado, here is the Signalnoise Machine-gun list of what made this trip worth it.

  1. The Heat! A welcome treat for this Canadian to escape the chilly February winter.
  2. Meeting the wonderful event organizers, Aram and Ella! Best hosts a guy could ask for.
  3. The distinct pleasure of meeting the other amazing speakers. See above.
  4. Had a big (and political) historical tour of old Manila. Such a crazy story.
  5. An intimidatingly big a beautiful event venue. Very surreal to see.
  6. THE AUDIENCE! 3,000 energetic people packed that place, laughing and cheering the whole way.
  7. My giant Canadian flag slide came onscreen and the place erupted!
  8. Handed out Signalnoise stickers to a mob after my talk.
  9. Signed about 100 autographs after the event. Thats a huge first.
  10. Nerded-out with Devil Robots about toy culture. Many laughs! Great guys!

A HUGE thank-you to Aram and Ella for organizing everything to be smooth and enjoyable. For a solo Canadian venturing for the first time into Asia, you really made it an awesome experience.

Whenever I go to an event like this there seems to be an immediate friendship formed with the other speakers, and this was no different. Such a varied and talented crew full of smiles and stories. It was a DISTINCT PLEASURE to meet and hang out with you all. Hope we can cross paths again in the near future.

And once again, all of you in the audience. I have never EVER presented in front of such a huge crowd before, which can be pretty intimidating, but you all made it one of my best talks on record. Your cheers, laughs and reactions kept my story on track and it was a wonderful experience to be on that stage. You all rock! Thank-you!






11 responses to “Thank-you Manila!”

  1. Jethro Muerong Avatar

    had so much fun. learned so much from you! wish to see you again soon “kuya (big bro) James” :D

  2. Bryan Danta Avatar

    On our end as spectators, your talk was more than enough to make the event amazing. I was sitting with lots of people saying that, after your talk (which happens to be the 1st of 7) they already knew that they got what they came for. Thanks for visiting our crazy country, we hope to see you again sometime :) and, Rock and Roll!

  3. Aijeleth V. Rances Avatar

    We were at the venue 4 hours before the event time. And youbeing the first one to present, I suddenly forget all those back ache I got from lining up for four hours. It was really a pleasure to have and welcome you in our country. And thank you so much being SO down to earth, I am very glad that you had a great impression to us, Filipinos. Mabuhay ka, Mabuhay ang Signalnoise!

  4. Albert Ortega Avatar
    Albert Ortega

    Your talk was the most relatable! Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us here in Manila. It was like listening again to the stories of our prof way back in college. All the lessons and the experience you have shared with us really inspired me and i guess thats mutual on every person in the confe. :) glad that you had a good time! Its really more fun in the Philippines :)

  5. Franz Sy Avatar

    In behalf of my company, Imageworld, I would like to thank you for your inspiring, passionate, educational and humorous presentation! I’ll DEFINITELY take your tips and points to heart, I consider them VERY good advice. My only regret is I didn’t take a video of your time (and the others’). Please do consider coming back to our country soon, you are more than welcome to! Cheers to you and SignalNoise!

  6. Alvin Avatar

    Thank you for the entertaining and educative talk Mr. White :) hoping you’d be back in The Philippines again to share your knowledge and creative insights to younger people like me :)

  7. Gerard Lopez Avatar

    I loved your talk! I learned a lot and had fun. Haha! I hope you come back soon :) I made a blog post by the way about Graphika Manila. I hope you’ll have time to read. Thank you! :D

  8. Paul David Avatar
    Paul David

    You and jessica were the awesomest speakers this year. It’s all worth it!!! Thank you for visiting here! Hope you come back!

  9. Raymund Domingo Avatar
    Raymund Domingo

    Thank you very much for coming here in Manila, thanks for sharing your amazing works, your masterpieces really inspired me to keep on doing my styles and approach in designing. also thanks for sharing simple things way back from your childhood, reminds me of my childhood too. stay as AWESOME as you are, Cowabunga dude! :)

  10. Steph Avatar

    I just wanted you to know that you’ve been an inspiration to me as an artist :) Keep up the awesomeness! :D

  11. Myla Murillo Avatar

    Hi ! Thank you for sharing your best experiences and practices . I Really enjoyed listening to you all :)

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