Thank-you for your support

Since I launched the Signalnoise t-shirt line 3 weeks ago I have been getting no shortage of tweets, emails and comments in support of the designs and the new venture as a whole. The reaction from the creative community has been overwhelming, and very unexpected. I was caught quite offguard by the amount of t-shirt orders I received on the launch day and spent the past 2 weeks sitting at my coffee table folding and packing t-shirts to ship out.

Another surprise was what design customers were interested in. I spent a great deal of time creating original works for print on my t-shirts, but the biggest seller turned out to be the Signalnoise logo shirt. I’m humbled by the idea that so many want to wear my little rainbow sun on their chest, and for that I would like to send out a sincere thank-you to everyone who ordered shirts and took the time to send me encouraging notes and comments. This has been a wonderful experience thus far.

That being said, I’ve been working on some new designs over the past little while and have sent 3 to print yesterday as well as a re-print of my Signalnoise logo shirt. It sold out quickly, so a restock will happen very soon. I’m also looking into adapting the website a bit more to my apparel needs, as well as updating with some more detailed information regarding the shirts including a sizing chart for those who asked for it. You will see a few little changes to the site over the next little while.

Thanks again, everyone! I’m working hard to bring more designs to this growing project. Stay tuned!






4 responses to “Thank-you for your support”

  1. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Woot Woot! I’d love to see some more designs centered around the Signalnoise branding :)

  2. daan Avatar

    Soon enough, a Signalnoise poster will decorate the wall in front of me, soon enough. Maybe after that, I’ll buy the t-shirt, but first the poster ^^

  3. Ben Avatar

    First day I wore the ‘classic’ shirt I had 3 people ask me about it. People love the colours!

  4. GT-design Avatar

    I am waiting my Signalnoise Classic T-shirt ! I am really impatient.
    It’s so long because I live in France!!!

    Am I the first french who by your T-shirt? ^^

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