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  1. hey james,
    i just found your site (thru the “All Powerful” flickr)
    and just wanted to take the time to say THANKS.
    It is so kind and generous of you to share your art techniques.
    Photoshop is so amazing, i learn more everyday, and your tips are
    little gems i can add to my toolbox. thanks again!

  2. Does anybody know what happened to Mayang? I noticed last week that the site brings up a default Plesk page, and the site and wonderful textures are nowhere to be found! Unless its just my local problem, it would be a shame if we lost it as a resource. I’ve been using that site for years!

  3. like crystalchroma, i found you through a flickr search, and instantly fell in love with your illustrations. I love the blend of bright colors with the dirty textures. If you ever want some free textures to use in your work, I often give them away on my blog. There’s nothing more fun than spending a saturday afternoon scouting the town for interesting textures :) Last week I ventured into an old train yard, and when I get the opportunity I’ll be giving away lots of images from that outing.

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