Terminator 2: Poster giveaway

Terminator 2 poster by James White

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway on the blog, so here we go. When I ordered a litho proof of my TERMINATOR 2 poster last week, the print shop was kind enough to send me 2 copies. One went to my pal Eric and the other is up for grabs right here. 18″ x 24″ of that angry stare.

Not only will you get the poster, but I’ll throw in some Signalnoise stickers and buttons. The winner will also get the original 2 concept sketches straight from my sketchbook. One of a kind, signed for authenticity.

Entering the contest is easy. Comment on this post, and for fun tell me your favorite action movie of all time. Be sure to enter a valid email address so I’ll be able to contact you if your name is selected. I’ll be using a random number generator to pick the winner. Please only one comment to enter. Multiple comments will be omitted. I’ll leave the comments open until Friday, September 7 at 11:59pm and announce the winner the following Monday morning on Twitter.

Update: Entry period has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered! I will announce the winner on Monday morning via Twitter.






215 responses to “Terminator 2: Poster giveaway”

  1. Jake Avatar

    My favorite action movie of all time is the original Die Hard. Though the Terminator series is not far behind :).

  2. Stephen Piercey Avatar

    Oddly enough T2 really is my favorite action movie followed by Con-Air. I know. But Con-Air was fantastic! Great work man.

  3. Jacob Menache Avatar
    Jacob Menache

    Awesome job on the print James! I’d have to say Die Hard.

  4. Matt Witmer Avatar
    Matt Witmer

    Giveaways rule!

    Favorite Action Movie: District 9

  5. Christian Boyle Avatar

    Great piece. Any chance of a glow in the dark variant?

    Fav action movie: Point Break

  6. JonJon Pilapil Avatar

    Cyborg or any early Van Damme movie.

  7. Stewart Smith Avatar

    Terminator 2 will forever remain a favorite as it was the first R-rated movie I ever saw as a kid. My all-time favorite, though, is John Woo’s masterpiece, The Killer.

  8. Lionel Fernandez Roca Avatar

    Awesome, I’d have to say that Die Hard must be the one for me (gotta love the classics).

  9. Dan Avatar

    sweet print prob my fav one of ur!! welll maybe Thing is still tops for me :)

    Who Am I Jackie Chan awesome stunts

  10. Daniel Brito Avatar
    Daniel Brito


  11. Jon Avatar

    Aliens & Great Work!

  12. Brian Lisi Avatar

    Die Hard With a Vengeance. “McClaaaaaaannnne!”

  13. Bill McClellan Avatar
    Bill McClellan

    Really cool man..

    Ill echo Christian on that call.. BY FAR, Point Break is my fav action movie.. so damn cool

  14. Simon Avatar

    My fav action has to be ‘Commando’ or ‘Heat’

  15. Austin Brown Avatar

    It’s a tough call, but I gotta go with Aliens.

  16. Rich Aguilar Avatar

    The best has got to be the first Lethal Weapon! I mean who didn’t want to be Riggs? Seriously!

  17. Jason Stanley Avatar

    Wow favourite action film ever. Tricky one to answer as there are so many great films out there. I suppose the one I go back to is the first Indiana Jones.

    As a kid in the 80’s there was always a situation where my friends and I would play the good guys versus the bad guys. Spielberg brought that kind of children’s imagination to the big screen in the form of Indy fighting the Nazis. He wasn’t necessarily the perfect hero as he had his flaws but that’s what endeared him to us. And he was named after the dog.

    Indy wins hands down.

  18. TJ Avatar

    Really hard to narrow it down but in terms of a straight fun non-stop action flick I am going to go with Rumble in the Bronx (first Jackie Chan movie I seen lol)

  19. Prentice Avatar

    Thanks for the contest…”has anyone ever mistaken you for a man Vasquez?”

    Aliens baby.

  20. Dean Evans Avatar
    Dean Evans

    Robot Jox / Robot Wars

  21. Nik Bishop Avatar
    Nik Bishop

    My favourite action movie of all time is Aliens ‘They mostly come at night… mostly’

  22. Chris Redford Avatar

    Great movie poster as always James!
    Drive is definitely my favourite action film, its a slow burner but its not long before it explodes

  23. Kyle Southcomb Avatar

    Gotta go with Aliens. GAME OVER MAN!!!

  24. Cool and Collected Avatar

    Gotta go with Die hard as my favorite action flick.

    Great job on the poster!

  25. James Avatar

    Nice work! Machete is my favorite action movie.

  26. Stefan H. Avatar

    Beautiful work James!

    Favorite Action Movie: The Warriors

  27. Andrew Arnott Avatar

    My favorite movie of all time is trainspotting

  28. Ryan Schroeder Avatar

    Well if you’re talking favorite besides T2 (which is for sure my favorite) then I’d have to go with another Arnold flick and say True Lies. So many great lines and ridiculously fun scenes.

  29. John Avatar

    great giveaway!

    favorite action film: Aliens

  30. Mat MacQuarrie Avatar

    Terminator 2 has, and likely will always be my favourite action movie of all time. Robert Patrick used to haunt my nightmares, chasing me with those chrome hooks of his. I still play it in the background every couple months while I’m working.

  31. julio bustillos Avatar
    julio bustillos

    yo james ..you need to make a predator poster man thats my favorite action movie ….you know iam right

  32. Ben Howarth Avatar

    Love the work dude.

    My favourite action film is Waterworld. People slate it but I think its a lot of fun.

  33. Jon Bond Avatar
    Jon Bond

    Has to be the avengers!

  34. Leland Avatar

    “I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.”

    Just like some of the other gents in this comment post, my favourite action movie hands down is Terminator 2. It’s the one movie that I own three different formats of (VHS+VHS Special edition, DVD, Blu-Ray). I have my Dad to thank for introducing it to me at such a young age. Anyone else still cringe at the security guard eye poke scene?

    P.S. Brad Fiedel composed a FANTASTIC score!

  35. Robert Sinnott Avatar
    Robert Sinnott

    Die hard.

  36. Arjun Gehlot Avatar

    Favorite action film!? That is tough… Currently I would have to say Delta Force. Friggin love Chuck Norris.

    FYI – The only thing more awesome than this poster is Chuck Norris.

  37. mintyy Avatar

    Jurassic Park. Hands down, no contest.

  38. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    It’s a toss-up between Indiana Jones 1 and 3, but leaning towards the Last Crusade because I really enjoyed the Harrison Ford/Sean Connery combination.

  39. S-M Avatar

    Amazing job as always.
    My favourite action movie of all time has to be ‘Point Break’

    “Vaya con Dios, Brah” – Johnny Utah :D

  40. Morgan Chan Avatar
    Morgan Chan

    Die Hard. Welcome to the party, pal!

  41. Jason Matrix Avatar
    Jason Matrix


  42. Kev Gilmour Avatar
    Kev Gilmour

    Excellent stuff as always James! I so want one of these!

    My favourite action film is probably Commando but I feel like I’m cheating on Die Hard, Tango & Cash, Cobra, Man on Fire, Punisher, Lethal Weapon, Robocop, Running Man, Bloodsport,Universal Soldier, Under Siege & of course Terminator!

  43. Rob Avatar

    Predator … !

  44. Constantine Fountos Avatar

    There were so many, since I grew up in the 80s-90s. But I’d pick something recent just because I was waiting for it, for long time. The Avengers!

  45. Damien Avatar

    Hard Boiled all the way!

  46. Mike Lohrman Avatar

    Great giveaway, the poster looks great. It’s nearly impossible for me to select a “favorite”, but for a time I used to say Demolition Man was my favorite. I could watch that movie over and over again and never get sick of it.

  47. Laura Restrepo Avatar

    I never get tired of watching the “Fifth Element” so funny and the fight scenes so well choreographed. Love all about it!!

  48. Sonia Sanassy Avatar

    Fave action movie is True Lies ! Jamie Lee Curtis attempting to dance always cracks me up!

  49. Milosh Vujnovic Avatar
    Milosh Vujnovic

    Great work James! My favorite action movie.. let’s see – “Heat”, definitely!

  50. Ted Avatar

    That’s easy: Raiders Of The Lost Ark, my favorite movie of all time, or Terminator 2

  51. thechriscarlson Avatar

    The Terminator franchise is my favorite action movies, namely, Salvation. I think T2 pretty much captures the franchise in general.

  52. Aryan Zaker Avatar
    Aryan Zaker

    Amazing giveaway. I would have to go with Die Hard!!!!

  53. MaxGradient Avatar

    Hi James, good idea. I compiled a list of my all time favorite action movies and used a random number generator to pick the winner. It turned out to be Heat, by Michael Mann. I totally agree!

  54. Josh Blackburn Avatar
    Josh Blackburn

    Love the print James. My guilty action movie pleasure is Predator 2. Such a great merger of action/gore/cheesiness.

  55. thomas koellmann Avatar
    thomas koellmann


  56. Miles Elliott Avatar

    Delta Force, it’s got action, it’s got comedy, best ever!

  57. Jeff Avatar

    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

  58. Andrew Griswold Avatar

    Oh man! What a question. I will have to say another Arnold classic Predator! Remember sneaking to my Uncles to watch this one with my older brother growing up. Haha

  59. James R Avatar
    James R

    Awesome poster once again! My favourite action film has gotta be Die Hard!

  60. Jeff Williams Avatar
    Jeff Williams

    So many good ones, but I’d have to go with Goonies…

  61. Tom Muller Avatar

    It would be so funny if my name got picked.
    Big Trouble In Little China. Because Jack is always right.

  62. Ole Andreas Avatar

    Tough one!
    Dont know if my judgement is based on me beeing 4 years old when it came, or if it actually is a good movie, but im going with Demolition Man from 1993 with Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes!

  63. David Holcroft Avatar
    David Holcroft

    T2 is a legendary film but my fave has to be Predator just for the sheer quantity and quality of 1 liners!

  64. Ben Ivey Avatar
    Ben Ivey

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  65. PatrikTG Avatar

    I would have to say Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy. But Double Team with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman scores pretty high on the action scale to.

  66. Robert Sheppard Avatar
    Robert Sheppard

    The Rundown. I don’t know why, but I love it.

  67. Nita Avatar

    Raiders of the Lost Ark – Classic

  68. Nick Avatar

    We Were Soldiers!

  69. Joël Avatar

    Any Schwarzenegger movie will do, but if I have to choose, it would be Total Recall. Although the new Expendables 2 movie is sick like hell.

  70. Michael Kammerer Avatar

    I think mine are Machete and 300

  71. Stephen Avatar

    Such a tough call. It was T2 for the longest time. I think I’ll have to go with The Road Warrior.

  72. ricardo machado Avatar

    “Raiders of the lost Ark”, of course!

  73. maulsmash Avatar

    The Thing (1982) all the way!

  74. Max Dominguez Avatar
    Max Dominguez

    Sweet poster.

    Favorite Action movie? Probably Die Hard 2

  75. Derek Avatar

    I’m pretty sure that I would have to say that my favorite action movie would be RoboCop.

  76. Slinch Avatar

    The Bourne Ultimatum, hands down. The whole trilogy is insanely good, but out of the three, this one is the strongest.

  77. Nick Austin Avatar
    Nick Austin

    T2 obviously!

  78. Simon H. Avatar

    I’d LOVE some Signalnoise goodness on my walls. My favorite action movie? Tough call. The Transporter series is fun, there’s also The Expandables, Tropic Thunder…

  79. Andrew Hochradel Avatar

    What an exciting giveaway. I’m going to have to go with “The Last Action Hero” for best action movie. That’s a classic.

  80. Winston Avatar

    Great poster and great flick!

    All time favorite = Predator. Just can’t get tired of it.

  81. Thomas Cushard Avatar
    Thomas Cushard

    Lethal Weapon 3. “Go to hell… Riggs”.

  82. Doug Vander Meulen Avatar

    Mine would be the first Matrix. Remember being blown away seeing that in the theater.

  83. visstopher Avatar

    Has to be the original Die Hard. Too many great scenes, too many classic quotes, too much Hans Gruber to let anything else take its place.

  84. Keith Avatar

    James – you knocked this poster out of the park!
    My favourite action movie is: Hard Boiled.

  85. Tommy Avatar

    Awesome poster!

    I’d have to say my favorite action movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark!

  86. Terry Rosoman Avatar

    My favourite action movie has to be Commando with Arnie! “Let off some steam, Bennett”

  87. Roberto P. Avatar
    Roberto P.

    My favourite action movie is “The Warriors”

  88. Max Avatar

    Gosh yes, original sketches!!

    Favourite action movies are all of the resident evil movies :D

  89. Sven Schebaum Avatar
    Sven Schebaum

    Layer cake with Daniel Craig and sienna miller!
    Bombastic Soundtrack and an awesome Story :)
    And … Driver :)

  90. Laura Walters Avatar

    It has to be Die Hard … for all the amazing one-liners.

  91. Shaun Purslow Avatar
    Shaun Purslow

    Terminator 2 is the greatest action movie of all time. Hands down. I saw it 7 times in the theater and have owned it in every incarnation since. This one set the bar so high nothing has even come close to touching it 20 years later. Long live T2.

  92. Justin Craigen Avatar

    The Raid: Redemption for recent ones.

    Less recent: Predator or Alien.

  93. Kieran Avatar

    Awesome work!
    Favourite action film has to be the Arnie classic Commando. Awful dialog full of terrible one liners with acting to match, farcical story, campest bad guy ever…. oh and a backwards firing rocket launcher.

  94. Arlton Lowry Avatar

    Pee-Wee’s Big Advenure. Hands down.

  95. Joseph Avatar

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

  96. Dylan Avatar

    A L I E N S

  97. Jessie Avatar

    Hands down my favorite action movie is The Bourne Identity! The soundtrack is pretty sweet too.

  98. Colin Evans Avatar
    Colin Evans

    Awesome print! Gotta go with Demolition Man as my favourite action film.

  99. yancy Avatar

    RoboCop for sure. Although the action scenes are great, the non-action elements make it a classic. Dark humor commentary on a bleak near future, which like any good science fiction, reveals itself to be tragically accurate over time.

    Honorable mention to the Incredibles, which in my opinion is a top-shelf action film which just happens to be family-friendly animation. Dizzying, perfectly-paced fight scenes from start to finish.

  100. Jennifer byron Avatar

    I’m such a fan of your work, you always Pick the best films to create posters for.

    Hmmmm fave action film is tricky.. I love drive but I also love big trouble in little china!

  101. WilhelmR Avatar

    Awesome poster. Reminds me a lot of the Gameboy cleaning kit (the 80’s one).

    Fav action movie: Gone in 60 seconds. No idea id it’s consideren an action filn, but i like it.

    Bonus film: Street Kings (with keanu). Many seem to hate this one though!

    Good luck everyone ;)

  102. Dustin Peter Avatar
    Dustin Peter

    T2 duh!

  103. Julian Dye Avatar
    Julian Dye

    Awesome work.
    I don’t really do favourites, though if put on the spot (today) I’d say either Preadator or Aliens.
    P.s. you should totally work up the poster of the t-800 hand/arm.

  104. Roger Avatar

    Johnny English.

  105. Aeiko Avatar

    Demolition man :)

  106. Jake Ivill Avatar
    Jake Ivill

    The Warriors, as a kid born in ’93 living in the middle of a council estate in Salford, seeing what NYC was like in the 70’s was eye openly cool!

  107. Steve Avatar

    wait… did no one say Top Gun yet?!

  108. Jahncie Avatar


    But my husband loves the Terminator movies :)

  109. Ryan Appleton Avatar

    Favorite action movie of all time, that would have to go to John McClane. Die Hard.

  110. Javier Rivero Avatar
    Javier Rivero

    I’ll go with Matrix!!

  111. Kyle Ische Avatar

    Hey James!
    good luck in this giveaway! started school now, soo keep up the good work!!

    Mine would be “sherlock holmes a game of shadows” just simply because of the slow motion!! simply epic!

  112. Michael Avatar

    The Thing was always a fave. I love flicks where you just know there is more to the story, but the writers/studios just dont give you what you want to know. Leave it to the imagination, who needs sequels.

    Funny, saying all that on a post about a poster for a sequel.. Great art, regardless.

  113. Ben Avatar

    Tough call. Favourite action movie though is probably ‘Iron Monkey’. You can’t beat a bit of Jet Li.

  114. Ryan Avatar

    Nice work. It has to be Big Trouble in Little China, “Its all in the reflexes”

  115. Cody Petts Avatar
    Cody Petts

    I know its probably overused but I would have to say my favorite action movie would have to be Die Hard. I mean not only did bruce willis have awesome hair he also had a great sense of sarcasm. So good

  116. Jen K Avatar

    If we are able to include recent action film, I would have to say Dark Knight, hands down.

    If we are going on classics alone, I would have to go with Mad Max

  117. Jesse Avatar

    Conan The Barbarian – “Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women.” GOLD.

  118. Josh Avatar

    Nice work! T2 is absolutely my favorite action movie. If I had to pick another one, I’d go with The Matrix.

  119. Manny Avatar

    That’s One Badass Print, Did everyone forget Enter the Dragon with the best fighter of all-time Bruce Lee ?

  120. Tob Avatar

    Great print, James!

    My fave action film is probably Hard Boiled…can’t beat the toothpick and double pistol action! Tony Leung and Chow Yun Fat are too cool for skool…its 90s action cinema at its best. Endlessly rewatchable too.

  121. Chad D'cruze Avatar

    “Get to da chopper!”

    Sorry, Predator.

  122. Paul Pants Avatar

    Technically, I’m not eligible…however, I must weigh in on this.

    Favorite: Predator (1987)

    Runner-up: Hero (2002)

  123. oz Avatar

    Wow, thats a tough question to answer. Umm, id would have to say Commando starring Alyssa Milano.

  124. Kevin Kennedy Avatar
    Kevin Kennedy

    There’s a lot to think of, but 1st one comes to mind still has a soft spot for me would be The Crow.

  125. Eric Avatar

    I’m going to say the Matrix.

  126. Chris Avatar

    Is THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS an action movie? Sort of. If it is, then it’s my favorite. If not, then FIRST BLOOD. Which makes it all the worse that I don’t have your FIRST BLOOD poster.

  127. Mike Charlton Avatar

    I always wrestle picking a favorite between Predator and Die Hard, but Predator wins the day today.

  128. Jacob Brown Avatar
    Jacob Brown

    Great work on the T-800. Favorite action movie(s): The original JAmes Bonds(Sean was the man)

  129. David Avatar

    Amazing work as always, James. Like many of the comments above, T2 is actually my favorite film of all time, action or not. So, to give a different favorite action film… The Dark Knight

  130. Ibraheem Youssef Avatar

    The Matrix for sure.

  131. Jason Bequette Avatar
    Jason Bequette

    Fantastic! My favourite is definitely Mad Max. Not sure why, I guess it comes down to a love of cars and the apocalypse. Thanks for the giveaway!

  132. John Avatar

    Easiest choice of all and the best is Pee-Wee,s Big Adventure for me.All action packed to the gills and then… Mad Max is the other one that gives it a run for it,s money.

  133. CZabel Avatar

    Great Poster. My favorite action movie is PREDATOR.

  134. Johnny Avatar

    Amazing poster, Quadrophenia is my pick.

  135. Kevin Stanton Avatar
    Kevin Stanton

    Are you FREAKING kidding me?! My head almost can’t contain the awesome presented by this giveaway. My favorite action movie has recently changed to Haywire with Gina Carano. Underrated movie indeed.

  136. matma Avatar

    Looks excellent! Favorite Action Flick? Die Hard is probably at the top but since that one is so popular I’ll suggest The Brotherhood of the Wolf (Le Pacte des loups) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7DTv2uBA7I and Ronin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TqaVEIUw4U

  137. Andrew Avatar

    The first Mission: Impossible!

  138. Neil Avatar

    The never ending story!

  139. KJ Avatar

    Navy SEALS. Not the popular choice, but always loved it as a kid. It was awesome to act out with my G.I. JOES.

  140. Eric Avatar

    The Raid. Absolutely amazing Indonesian film that came out earlier this year. Relentless action, go see it

  141. Ankit Avatar

    Great Poster! My favorite action film has to be 300.

  142. Kurt Brownridge Avatar

    I’m going to toss in a vote for Blade. If it’s on TV I will ALWAYS spot what I’m doing and watch at least 15 minutes.

  143. Nick Hess Avatar

    TOTAL RECALL (I hate that I have to say “the original” now…)

  144. Chris Rivoire Avatar
    Chris Rivoire

    The Road Warrior. It’s the perfect movie.

  145. Michael Reece Avatar
    Michael Reece

    Gonna have to go with Aliens. I actually liked the first one a little more, but I wasn’t sure if it would qualify as an “action” movie as much as the second one.

  146. Gadi Avatar

    That is beautiful!

    Tough choice – True Lies is up there with T2, Die Hard and Raiders of the Lost Ark…

    I’ll go for True Lies :)

  147. Paul Johns Avatar
    Paul Johns

    Hot Fuzz!

  148. Luke Rossi Avatar
    Luke Rossi

    Will have to go with Heat tough choice as so many but got to love De Niro / Pachino. Amazing work again James!

  149. Anton Avatar

    OLDBOY, really want that sketch

  150. Brandon Michaud Avatar
    Brandon Michaud

    Either T2 or Lethal Weapon, too close to call.

  151. Bron Drew Avatar
    Bron Drew


  152. James Arnold Avatar

    Commando; so gloriously over-the-top. It was everything adorable about American culture packed into a single movie, a true piece of nostalgia!

  153. Gedrick Roldan Avatar

    Fave action movie is Braveheart!

  154. ben Avatar

    love it! brilliant illustration, love the retro feel+texture. great work would love a copy [happy to swap with something here http://www.benrider.com:) ]

  155. Justin B Avatar
    Justin B

    Gotta be 300! So epic.

  156. Jon Boriss Avatar
    Jon Boriss

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

  157. James Parsons Avatar
    James Parsons

    such a tough one! my favorite action movie changes about once a month – Die Hard, Predator, Aliens, Total Recall. My current favorite is a film that has recently been changed in my eyes. Robocop. I have seen this on TV and DVD so many times, I have lost count. it was also one of the first 18 rated films i saw as a kid. This film took on new meaning after seeing it in the cinema recently on an original print. Extremely visceral, violent, and uber satirical all at the same time, I think I finally got it as an adult movie at the age of 33. a piece of genius. GO and see this in the cinema if you have the chance, you won’t regret it.

  158. Matt Anderson Avatar
    Matt Anderson

    Escape from L.A.

    It doesn’t pretend to be a masterpiece, it’s just a semi-over the top look into the future :D

  159. Jon Allen Avatar

    Favorite action movie is easily Heat.

  160. Mark Avatar

    Nice giveaway. My favorite action movie has to be Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  161. Joe Kozak Avatar
    Joe Kozak

    Die Hard 1,3,4,2….In that order.

  162. Dave Behm Avatar

    My favorite action movie has to be HEAT with Al Pacino and Robert Deniro!

  163. Ken Avatar

    Great work as always! Mad Max will have tO be one of my all time favourite.

  164. Taz Mattar Avatar

    My favourite action film of all time has to be Big Trouble In Little China! A Mystical, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Kung Fu, Monster, Ghost Story!

  165. Chad Avatar


  166. Antonio Avatar

    Most of the 80’s action flicks are a single blur for me (“Commando2, “Cobra”, all that nonsense), so I think it is actually T2, if we’re thinking “straight” action films. But the absolute best for me is “Hot Fuzz”.

  167. Brandon Houston Avatar

    Definitely Die Hard!

  168. Max Avatar

    It would be Predator… Die Hard is also there in the list…

  169. Lavander Begay Avatar
    Lavander Begay

    Its hard to say. So many great films I’ve seen over the years.
    Saw tons of actions movies through my dad. Saw all the classics.
    Absolutely loved the Terminator movies because Arnold was a badass.
    Over the years, seen a couple that were awesome. But recently I saw The Raid Redemption and it really blew my mind!! Great action, good soundtrack to match the fast paced action!! So The Raid is my favorite action movie at the moment.

  170. Adam Wells Avatar

    My favorite action movie is Con Air. The cast of character actors in the movie on top of the ridiculous plot line make it just an awesomely fun action movie.

  171. Steve Young Avatar
    Steve Young

    Man that is tough. It fluctuates. Right now it’s The Raid: Redemption. Seriously, see it. Old school I gotta go with Die Hard. I never get tired of that movie.

  172. eric Avatar

    Last action hero! Arnold at his finest, mocking his finest.

  173. j codr Avatar
    j codr

    man too many to list.
    I like most listed above, can you really narrow it down to one?

  174. Nick Avatar

    Mmm giveaways!

    Favorite action movie would have to be The Professional

  175. Alan Karnitz Avatar
    Alan Karnitz

    I would have to say to many to list, but Predator… holds up still today.

  176. verpixelt Avatar

    Awesome giveaway!!!! My favorite action movie ever is Shaft!

  177. Roo McCoy Avatar
    Roo McCoy

    Thanks for the chance! Great work, btw…

    Fave Action Movie – impossible to narrow it to just one, but Heat is right up there!

  178. Roo Avatar

    Thanks for the chance!

    Heat is my fave

  179. Jay Avatar

    American Ninja

  180. Jali Avatar

    Inglourious Basterds :)

  181. brendoman Avatar

    Terminator 2 is probably my all time fave, which is why I am so excited about this poster!

  182. Kingslayer Avatar

    My all time favorite is “The Boondock saints”

  183. Ryan Avatar

    Awesome James! Favourite action movie = Predator

  184. John Avatar

    Favourite action movie of all time for me will be John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow II and followed by his US best film, Face/Off.

  185. Cat Avatar

    Wow, awesome artwork!
    Though cliche I’d probably have to go with Total Recall… although I’m not ashamed to admit I do love a bit of Steven Seagal. All about the classic quote from Under Siege 2 “NOBODY BEATS ME IN THE KITCHEN!” x

  186. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Favorite action film? That’s tough. Equilibrium is good. I’m a big fan of martial arts action films… Iron Monkey, Ong Bak, or maybe Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. I can’t really pick one favorite…

  187. D Bradley Avatar
    D Bradley

    I would have to bring the realism back to the fold and say that my fav action movie is Saving Private Ryan.
    It doesn’t have aliens or a Terminator or a man in a white vest with no shoes, but it has an opening half hour that shellshocks me overtime i watch it.

  188. Calamaquito Avatar

    Great work James, excellent giveaway! Favorite action movie… Reservoir Dogs. Cheers from Argentina!!!

  189. ashley Avatar

    No one else likes this movie but I’m going to have to go with Waterworld. Ahhh yeaaah cult classics. Although Star Wars is also pretty damn amazing.

  190. Jake Avatar

    Favourite action flick, Leon the Professional without a doubt.

  191. Alexander Winifred Avatar

    The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan !

  192. Gerald Bermundo Avatar

    My favorite action movie is The Terminator! (Keep up the awesome work, James!)

  193. Wouter Avatar

    So many options. I can’t choose. Maybe Léon The Professional.

  194. James Massey Avatar
    James Massey

    Amazing giveaway man, thanks for the opportunity!

    My favourite action movie of all time is Die Hard: With a Vengeance. No question.

  195. Christian de Oliveira Avatar

    Great job James…
    As a kid in the eighties has a action movie that i watched many times – Stallone Cobra…”crime is a disease, meet the cure”

  196. RKDYX Avatar

    Tanks for this contest, realy amazing poster.

    For my favourite action film, it’s a very question but I want to say Die Hard: With a Vengeance, it’s probably my favourite.


  197. Deven Avatar

    Poster looks awesome. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Classic music, Harrison Ford, Nazis.

  198. Matt Avatar

    Gotta be The Road Warrior.

  199. Wade B. Avatar
    Wade B.

    Ah this is a gorgeous poster.

    As for the favorite action flick? The French Connection.

  200. Kyle Avatar

    Karate Kid! Not really action, but c’mon—Daniel-san!

  201. Tom Miatke Avatar

    Awesome work James, truly something to cherish!
    My favourite action movie would be.. Hmmm.. Maybe something a little different… James Bond – Casino Royale (Craig version)

  202. Kevin Kelly Avatar

    Most impacting was The Matrix but I was a lifelong fan of the entire James Bond series. There are amazing action sequences in Ip Man & some of the korean revenge films like I Saw The Devil & The Man From Nowhere. Best Arnold Film had to be True Lies.

    Too hard to nail it down to just one!

  203. Beau Avatar

    Roadhouse…r.i.p the Swayze

  204. Oliver Callan Avatar
    Oliver Callan

    Amazing work James! Id have to say my favourite movie is between the Alien movies and Close Encounters of the Third Kind or Predator. Then theres the Alfred Hitchcock movies! Theres wayy too many movies to pick a fav haha.

  205. Adam Avatar

    I would have no problem making a huge list of all my favorites, but if I have to pick only one, it’d have to be The Rocketeer.

    I’ve been obsessed with that movie since I was a kid. I used to jump down the stairs of my parents house pretending I was Cliff Secord and my backpack was my rocket.

  206. Ben Whitla Avatar

    Gotta go with True Romance.
    Nice poster, man.

  207. Kees Cornfield Avatar
    Kees Cornfield

    Anything with Arnie in it, but if i had to pick one it would be Predator!!

  208. Harrison Avatar

    It’s not the best but my favorite is Speed.

  209. Esteban Avatar

    Great poster!
    My favourite kinda action movie would be Big Trouble in Little China.

  210. Jason Cryer Avatar

    To be truthful, Terminator 2 probably IS my favorite action film. Can’t beat Schwarzenegger. But for the sake of switching it up, I’ll go with They Live. Carpenter is awfully hard to top.

  211. Dave Baldwin Avatar

    Yo man! Love your stuff to death. Loved meeting you at DCAF a few weeks ago.

    Favourite action movie? Hard to say, Drive is up there if it counts. But I’m also fond of The Indiana Jones franchise.

  212. Alden Avatar

    Not because of the poster, but would probably have to say T2

  213. Anthony Avatar

    Oh best action movie: transformers (animated one from the 80’s)