Inspiration: NBC logo history

NBC logo

NBC logo

With all of the logo and identity posts I have been writing and thinking about lately, I decided to look into some of my favorites and the history behind them. And it’s no secret that I love broadcast design.

So here is a look back at the history of the NBC peacock design, and the deviations the company explored along the way. Very interesting how they departed from the peacock for almost 20 years before it eventually re-emerged.

Note: There are a few inconsistencies here in terms of date because I’m sure the corporate logo differed from what ended up onscreen at the time.






6 responses to “Inspiration: NBC logo history”

  1. Paul Johns Avatar
    Paul Johns

    The first one looks like it was designed by Shepard Fairey, the ’75-’79 logo looks kinda cool in a way. I could see them using it now, but rendered in 3d with a really glossy look. It looks like it’s from an alternate universe.

  2. james Avatar

    Paul, you were right about the first logo being very Shepard Fairey, but I managed to track down the original version as it appeared onscreen (the previous was a a re-creation). Good call on the 1975 logo being from an alternate universe, it is probably the biggest departure in the NBC timeline yet even though not as effective as the peacock, remains quite timeless.

  3. Dave Howlett Avatar
    Dave Howlett

    Did you visit 30 Rockefeller Plaza when you went to NY? If you take the NBC Studios tour, those old-timey posters are peppered throughout the building. Very cool.

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  5. Gloria Oviedo Avatar
    Gloria Oviedo

    Hello! I love the NBC logo :) I was wondering if you had the logo from 1956 or the present logo in high quiality.. thanks!

  6. Roy Cohen Avatar
    Roy Cohen

    Actually the 1975 was an offshoot if not the original of a logo designed by Lippincott and Margulies design firm around 1970. Unfortunately, the Nebraska Educational Television Network came knocking on NBC’s door. Seems it was an exact copy of the Nebraska network’s logo. Ultimately NBC had to buy the rights to the logo. Wonder if they ever got their money back from Lippincott and Margulies?

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