Technical difficulties

I’ve had several reports over the last while with people getting warnings when trying to visit my website using Safari or Chrome. The blog will throw a random malware warning up every so often for reasons I am still confused about. I assure you I am looking into this problem and hope to have it remedied as soon as possible.

Thank-you so much to everyone on Twitter and those who have emailed me outlining the problems. Since I haven’t seen these warnings myself it’s like chasing a ghost, so the information and screen shots you have been passing on have been extremely helpful. You are the best readership in the world and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Sorry gang, I hope to have things back to normal around here real soon. If you do see any further warnings, feel free to comment here to let me know what happened.






5 responses to “Technical difficulties”

  1. tenfold Avatar

    its funny that i got the malware warning trying to view this page.

  2. Dan Avatar

    Hope it works out soon!

  3. Paul Avatar

    I had those warnings about a month back, but they disappeared the next day, came back, then went again the next day, then came back! It’s been no problem since, just happened over a few days. I use firefox if that’s any help.

  4. Nathan Winter Avatar
    Nathan Winter

    Sounds like a WordPress redirect exploit.

  5. TooTall Avatar

    There may be some issues in the code from the ad company that is raising the red flag

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