T-shirt for The Sword

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  1. Man…

    Being a fan of the band, that graphic is the prefect visual for them. Translating their brand of metal into a visual, that’s it right there. The second colorway is my fav, for what that’s worth. Great stuff!

  2. James, I don’t even LIKE metal much and I would buy 3 of these. Amazing work man!

  3. So so great, man. Totally suites their sound too. I mean these designs are epic, man! I loved your earlier design too with the alien landscape and massive Lion-O sword. For some reason I didn’t go listen to their music then, but I’ve just started to today.

    You have made me into a fan of The Sword, James! These guys are AWESOME! I’m loving the retro metal sound…it totally honors old school heavy metal, but adds in more modern influences too. Genre-busting stuff, which totally fires me up. Love it.

    Thanks for posting these and introducing us all to some great music!

  4. Any chance of these being sold local?? In our favorite little comic shop maybe??

  5. Haha, now I’ve got Iron Swan stuck in my head. Seriously though, what I like about this super slick design so much is that it’s outside of your poster aesthetic – and you nailed it. Seamless. Those circles around the sun – genius! Pure awesome.

  6. Absolutely awesome work James, Really fantastic, and your right, It is an awesome name for a band, purely cause I love swords haha. Awesome work, The title is really 70’s psychedelic looking (in my opinion), congrats on getting your dream job mate
    (oh btw, I featured you on my blog, as inspiration, hope thats ok, has links and everything to your site)

  7. The purple one was cool enough on it’s own – but I really dig each of the different color variations. Hella nice stuff Whites.

    Btw… I hear Sebastian Bach has a new album coming out. You should send him a Tweet to see if he needs any designs. I hear he’s not hard to get a hold of on the internets.

  8. Hey James the t-shirt design is Awesome man! I listened to your radio interview yesterday before you released this posted, congrats! I know this opportunity was a dream come true for you and I wanted you to know I’m happy for buddy. Also, I’m one of those young designers you were speaking about in the interview. You inspire me each and everyday with the work you do. And because of that my company is growing Thank you James!

  9. Man, I said that a few times before but:
    You totally nailed it fanboy. Great colouring (although I don´t dig the last one) and cool you picked up Conrad Keely´s textlogo.
    I didn´t read all the comments before mine, but if no one mentioned it yet: That dude on the shirt looks very Nazgûl to me ;-)


    Would you agree that The Sword is 60% Stoner Rock and 40% Metal?
    Had a discussion with my wife about that HEHE

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