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  1. Much prefer the initial concept art style, but the final product is still awesome.

  2. Ditching something after 12 hours is tough, but it’s not only proved to be worth it in the end but it’s proven that your worth your salt ten times over! It’s amazing what a looming deadline can do to a project!

    Well done, man!

  3. Wooow, un excelente diseño, tus trabajos son geniales, los sigo de cerca, grande signalnoise, espero un tutorial detallado de como realizas estos tipos de trabajos, saludos desde chile, un abrazo…!!!

  4. I love the 30’s vintage poster look. Great choice. The initial concept art style would have worked if you took it towards more of a comic book look.

  5. The final piece came out great. You definitely captured classic Supes. I’m in the same show so it’s great to see another piece since I won’t be there in person.

  6. This is awesome, James! Nice job, man.

    I really like that you were able to change gears after putting in so many hours of work on the first concept. When it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right. You know?

  7. Wow. Really inspiring stuff. Love the textured approach you’re moving into. I shudder to think of the size of that PSD file. All of them are solid concepts. I think you chose correctly. I really do like the top right concept a lot, with the side profile. Again, great work!

  8. Hi James.

    I bought your art work last night at the Roost exhibition. I love it. I saw it straight away when I walked in the door and had to have it. Can’t wait to pick it up when the exhibition is over. I was thrilled to find your blog and see your process. It’s fascinating!

    Do you have a preference for what I should frame it with?

    Also, if you ever decide to do a complimentary Wonder Woman, I will be first in line for it :)

    Thanks for all your effort!


  9. Your work is being displayed about 5 minutes away and I never knew? NO WAY! I am going there asap!!!

    Nice Cassie, How much did you pick it up for if you don’t mind me asking?

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