Strange Adventures t-shirt

• Cal and his daughter Addison sporting their Strange Adventures garb.

The past week has been pretty quiet on the blog because I was in the midst of moving, but I’m happy to say we are getting settled and the new place is starting to look nice and habitable. That being said, it’s time to get back at the blog and get some updates posted on what has been happening. Here we go.

This past Thursday was my good pal Cal Johnson’s birthday. Cal is the owner of the best comic store in the world, Strange Adventures (Twitter) here in Halifax. His wife Sandy approached me about doing a custom shirt design for Cal and the store, and how could I refuse? After waffling on the idea a bit, I decided to make a design based on the old Batman logo from the 70s, but alter it to feature the store and their mascot, Super Snipe. Here is the original and a shot of the mascot drawn by my pal Dave Howlett:

• Batman logo from the 1970s.
• Super Snipe by Dave Howlett.

A big happy birthday to Cal, and be sure to drop by Strange Adventures to say hello to the gang if you ever visit Halifax. It’s a must-see venue.






2 responses to “Strange Adventures t-shirt”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Batman is the freaking man…. Good choice! Makes me want that shirt.

  2. Pants Avatar

    Haha! Love it, man. Great work!

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