Stop the Monuments

Stop the Monuments

A new piece entitled Stop the Monuments. Click here to see a larger version.






6 responses to “Stop the Monuments”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Your really amazing with your work, well done again man.
    But im about to break down, what texture is that? Ive failed to find anything remotely as good as that! Its killing me James. I downloaded a pack of 50 something concrete textures to find something similar but none of them work..

    I love your stuff, but your killing me.

  2. C Avatar

    gotta ask what it says in the background. curiousity

  3. james Avatar

    Alex, the worn out texture comes from a photo of an old book cover. The worn out leather is great for aging a piece. Try doing a search for ‘old books’ at a stock photo site.

    C, the text over a few of the shapes is from a newspaper clipping, I believe from 1906, about a huge fire burning San Francisco. I saved the image a little while ago.

  4. kyle Avatar

    wow, another fantastic piece. The red splatter texture at the bottom makes it all come together for me. nice job.

  5. Grant Friedman Avatar

    Really great design James! You really turned up the “Awesome” on this one!

  6. […] took my previous Stop the Monuments piece and rendered the 2D design into a tangible 3D scene. We then played a bit of back-and-forth […]

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