Stop the Monuments V2

Stop the Monuments: James White

I have always been interested in collaboration, especially with creative friends of mine who specialize in mediums outside of what I do. My pal Jonathan Mitchell is a top-notch 3D animator, working for Delicate Machines here in Halifax.

“We’ve been looking at one of our songs from a different angle. Under a different light. So we can hopefully kind of see it for the first time.”
– Maynard James Keenan

Jonny took my previous Stop the Monuments piece and rendered the 2D design into a tangible 3D scene. We then played a bit of back-and-forth as we worked on coloring, lighting, etc.This was a blast to work on, resulting in something with a very different direction and atmosphere from the original.






6 responses to “Stop the Monuments V2”

  1. kyle Avatar

    HOLY SH*T!!!

    That is amazing. Will this be for sale soon?

  2. Joseph Avatar

    DUDE!! This is freaking amazing!

  3. zacislost Avatar

    Dude, there is only word to describe this..


    i dig the subtle Daft Punk imagery too

  4. Alex Avatar

    Cant Wait To Buy. Ive Been Waiting For A While, The Cost Of Shipping To Australia Like Doubles The Original Cost, But I Need This. I Really Do.

    Great Work James, Jon. XD Looks Fantastic.
    lol, Epic (y).

  5. Corrine Avatar

    Oh.My.God…. Tell me that this will be for sale!? Excellent work you guy’s, truly something amazing.

  6. james Avatar

    Alex, my online store currently only charges a flat rate of $14 for shipping. Probably a little lower then you were expecting.

    Corrine, Jonny and I talked about offering Monuments as a print in the near future. I’ll be sure to make an announcement when it hits my store :)

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