StarKade series: Daft Punk

Daft Punk illustration by James White

When I’m stuck on a plane, I try to use my time wisely since there are very little distractions up there. On my way to Florida last week I decided to work on a new StarKade illustration. I didn’t have my wrestler sketches on me, but DID have Daft Punk’s new album… which includes their helmet designs on the cover. With that reference, I got to it.

I then finished the illustration in the hotel room, about an hour before I took the stage at Converge FL. Great fun adding glitter to the suits.






2 responses to “StarKade series: Daft Punk”

  1. Mark Rondina Avatar

    Totally love it! I especially like the shininess off the jackets and helmets

  2. beekay Avatar

    Would love to have this as a wallpaper!

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