StarKade: Series 4 (Onsale Info)

StarKade: Series 4 by James White

i_beastStarKade: Series 4 by James White
The Beast
StarKade: Series 4 by James White
Wolves Led by the Sheep
StarKade: Series 4 by James White
StarKade: Series 4 by James White
Scream for Me
StarKade: Series 4 by James White
Last Gift

After three consecutive sold out series’ of Superstar sets comes the next instalment to the StarKade Universe. I’m proud to announce the release of these new colourful prints… the mighty StarKade: Series 4.

This collection includes 5 new character prints, all of which have an edition of 65 and are measured at 5″ x 5″. Those who grab complete sets will have a chance at getting 1 of 20 special chaser prints, randomly inserted into orders. Will you be one of the lucky few to win the rumble?

The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm by the fine people at Static Medium, Los Angeles. All prints are lovingly hand-signed, numbered, packed and shipped by James White out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Mark your calendars! StarKade: Series 4 will be available on Tuesday, March 10th at 1pm EST in The Signalnoise Store. Sets are $45 and individual prints are $10 each.

The StarKade Series of prints tend to sell out quick, so follow me on Twitter for up-to-the-minute details on when the prints are available.






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  1. Eric WizKid Odom Avatar

    Roman Reigns as the “Rare Chaser”! Gotta get my hands on this set. Incredible work as always James. Hate that I’ve missed the other releases – won’t let this one get by me.

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