StarKade series: 3NES show

Mario Brothers illustration by James White

Metroid illustration by James White

Zelda illustration by James White

The StarKade series continues, this time launching into the world of video games. Here are my pieces created for the 3NES show happening this Friday at Bottleneck Gallery in NYC. I was thrilled to be invited to the show, and even more thrilled to illustrate some of my favourite game characters.

Be sure to drop by Bottleneck this Friday for the opening, and I’m told pieces will go on sale this Saturday. Hit their Facebook page for details.






4 responses to “StarKade series: 3NES show”

  1. Ryan Jenk Avatar
    Ryan Jenk

    Looks to me like your new style has been inspiring others…

    Check out the graphics on mediatemple’s site.

    – their main page has some
    – found some here:

  2. Barely Original Avatar
    Barely Original

    Nice job on these, dude! Love em!

    Were you ever tempted to do a kid link one?

  3. Ryan24567 Avatar

    You have evolved so much as an artist. You have always been great, but it has been awesome to watch your progression!

  4. Austin Avatar

    Bought your Link tonight at the 3nes show. So stoked about it man. Thanks for being an inspiration as well as a badass.

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