StarKade: Half-Shells (Cyber Monday)

StarKade: Half-Shells

StarKade: Half-Shells
The Leader

The StarKade Universe continues to grow. 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of everyone’s favourite turtles, so this Cyber Monday brings with it the launch of a new little series of prints… Half-Shells!

This series encourages you to “Collect ’em all”. Each turtle print will be released along side a mystery bad guy. Which bad guy will it be? That evil surprise will be waiting for in your mailbox. This little set includes 2 new character prints, both of which have an edition of 30 and are measured at 5″ x 5″.

The StarKade Series is printed on Museo Textured Rag 285 gsm by the fine people at Static Medium, Los Angeles. All prints are lovingly hand-signed, numbered, packed and shipped by James White out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

This first StarKade: Half-Shells will be available to pre-order on Cyber Monday… December 2nd at 1pm EST in The Signalnoise Store. Sets are $20. Other turtles sold separately… in the future. Don’t change that channel.

Please note: This is a pre-order. All Half-Shells orders will be shipped in early January.






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