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Spider-man logo

When we think of superhero logos we never think of Spider-man as having anything profound when compared to Superman, Batman or Green Lantern. Ol’ web-head had a pretty straightforward design, just a regular black spider. And hey, it works.

But the logo seen above, this one I always loved. I had forgotten about it until I happened upon Dan Slott’s Twitter a little while ago and there it was. Rush of memories. I can remember seeing this on t-shirts and stuff when I was a kid, but I mostly remember it from within the comics. They used it here and there, like in Hostess Fruit Pies ads. Great lines. I’m not even sure when this logo first appeared, I’m guessing the 80s?

Of course, they ended up re-designing it a while back with bigger eyes and such. Whatever. Just can’t beat that old one.






6 responses to “Spidey logo”

  1. Paul Pants Avatar

    The nostalgia’s so thick I can barely see past my screen.

  2. James Avatar

    Isn’t it crazy? Didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve seen it until recently. The new version just doesn’t have… I don’t know, whatever is infused in this design. It’s perfect. And we saw this thing constantly back in the day.

  3. Chris Avatar

    I agree with everything you say about it. Fantastic. I wish I still had my old Spidey comics; not for their value, but for their awesomeness. Spidey vs. The Vulture. Spidey vs. Morbius. That logo. Classic stuff.

  4. Jason Stanley Avatar

    It’s just an awesome image. I think I even had a Spider-Man compass with that same imagery. Damn I miss that compass.

  5. Tom Muller Avatar

    Here’s some more stuff to fog up your nostalgia glasses:

  6. Derek King Avatar

    I love when he shined it from his belt light/lamp. There was a time when Spidey was using all kinds of utility belt items a la batman I guess, but I liked it. The bigger eyes just mess with the symmetry I think.

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