Speaking at “We Made This” in Toronto

We Made This

I’m proud to have been asked by Héctor Ayuso, Director and top brass at OFFF, to be a part of his presentation We Made This in Toronto next month. I won’t babble too much, just read this synopsis of what will be going down…

“We will discuss the importance of place in an ever-more connected global community. How does defining one’s nationality impact one’s place in the creative community? Does place play a role in creativity? Invited artists will talk about their work and the state of design in today’s global world. The convergence of hand processes, traditional printing methods, and digital production are creating new ways to make and consume media.”

Now that’s a tall order with a lot of interesting dialogue to be had. Guess I need to start cracking some books to brush up on my smart-talk. I’ll be joining Hector, fellow Canadian Michael Brown (operator of the mighty Ventilate.ca) and Spanish artist Eduardo del Fraile for some onstage hi-jinx as we discuss the topics at hand. This thing was even put together by the Spanish Embassy. International relations!

So Toronto, mark down February 12 in your little calendars and come down to Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street for this 1-night only event. Tickets are only 10 bucks and you can grab them right here. Looking forward to shaking some hands!






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