Speaking at Graphika Manila 2013

James White at Graphika Manila

I’m proud to announce the first Signalnoise ‘Design Renegade’ speaking gig of 2013, taking place in beautiful Manila in the Philippines. The top brass at Graphika Manila sorted out the details to get my Canadian ass to the other side of the world to tell my story onstage, show a heap of work and pull out some rock n’ roll. Lets do this.

This is a 1-day fest, and I’m thrilled to be speaking alongside the wonderful Jessica Walsh, Pixomondo, Sony Pictures Animation, Benja Harney, Buck and Devil Robots. Such a varied bunch they’ve put together and I’m looking forward to seeing what they all bring to the stage. Kind of intimidated, some mad talent in there.

Just over a month and we are go. I’ll see you soon Manila!

PS. On the way back I’ll be stopping in Toronto for a “yet to be announced thing”. Stay tuned on that one.






5 responses to “Speaking at Graphika Manila 2013”

  1. @scottyboost Avatar

    WOOOO Toronto!

  2. rod rodriguez Avatar

    I’m from Manila and would love to attend that event… oh man, the the timing is a bit off…

  3. Dennis Rito Avatar

    Hi James! I enjoyed listening to your talk at #GM2013 and it’s interesting to know your journey as a creative! Enjoy your stay in MNL!

  4. Marge Avatar

    You guys were amazing! we have a picture together haha! :)) see you soon, James White!

  5. jokai Avatar

    Awesome talk at GM2013!!!

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