Speaking at Converge SE in South Carolina

Converge SE

The 2013 speaking schedule is filling up quick. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be making the trek down to the wilds of Columbia, South Carolina in April to tell my story at Converge SE. I’ve never been to this part of the States and I’m really looking forward to shaking some hands down there. Heard wonderful things.

This event is bringing together an intimidating line-up, including Mig Reyes, Daniel Burka, United Pixelworkers, Happy Cog and my friend and ally from out in Portland, Aaron Draplin. So much talent, now I’m getting nervous.

According to the top brass at Converge SE, tickets for this beast will go on sale January 30. Be ready, South Carolina.






2 responses to “Speaking at Converge SE in South Carolina”

  1. Marcus Williamson Avatar

    ah snap. excited dude. glad you were able to get in touch with the guys down here. now if only jeff sheldon and shelby white could make an appearance then we’d have a party.

  2. Troy Lehman Avatar

    Very exciting! Finally something near my neck of the woods (Asheville, NC). Won’t be missing this.

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