Speaking at Adobe ADIM13 in Colorado

Adobe ADMI13

I’m happy to announce another speaking gig just added to the calendar. I’ll be telling my story at Adobe’s ADIM13 in Boulder, Colorado this April. Not only am I excited because this is an Adobe event (y’know, the people who make that software we all use) but because this has zombies and beer involved. For real. Here’s the legit description from the Adobe brass:

“In this hands-on 3-day class you’ll design with still and moving images, using a powerful combination of cameras, computers, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. You’ll begin with still images to create monster-themed beer packaging, then you’ll create an online beer advertisement utilizing advanced Photoshop video features. In the process you’ll master many of the wonders of Adobe Creative Cloud.”

Check out the full ADIM13 website for the full details, tickets and all the fun facts. I’ll be seeing you soon Boulder!






2 responses to “Speaking at Adobe ADIM13 in Colorado”

  1. SP3KTR Avatar

    It’s cool your going to be in my neck of the woods, too bad that event is totally pricey

  2. Jestor Avatar

    yeah, wish they had gimpy vet priceing.
    spend all my monies on meds and such, luxuries like learning take 2nd place.

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