Solid Gold Bomb

Solid Gold Bomb by James White

Even though I liked the idea, I was never overly happy with how the original Varo Broadcasting Corp turned out. I decided to work on it some more to see what I could pull together with the existing elements.

I wanted something very 70s with a soulful, Motown feel.

‘Solid Gold Bomb’ is also the title of a Scud: The Disposable Assassin graphic novel that came out in the 90s. I absolutely loved that title. The typeface I used was prevalent in 70s advertising, and a version also appears on Tarantino’s Jackie Brown movie poster.

This is 18″ x 24″ and will eventually land in the Signalnoise Store.






12 responses to “Solid Gold Bomb”

  1. PKayne Avatar

    Yeah the type face definitely reminds me of some of those VW or cleaning solution ads, that you see when going through newspaper archives or one of David Ogilvy’s books.

  2. arnaud Avatar

    Wooow amazing !

  3. Chad Avatar

    What typeface is that?

  4. james Avatar

    Chad, the typeface is called Bookman. It comes in a standard serif face, as well as the more swoopy version. I mixed the two versions for my piece.

  5. Ben, from before Avatar

    But when is the album coming out?

  6. Phil Avatar

    I dig it James and think it’s a more complete and striking piece than the original. The type at the bottom is perfect.

  7. Bofeconsedency Avatar

    Good page.., man

  8. fdsfsd Avatar




  9. Matt Avatar

    Wow James, found your stuff from your Bittbox interview and i’m glad i did! I really love this piece! Great job on it.

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  11. Max Avatar

    where can you find these fonts? i want to get that font.

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