New proof and updates

Solid Gold Bomb proof

I received the proof for Solid Gold Bomb last week (pictured above) which means it will be added to the Signalnoise Store when the entire print run is delivered. I will also be restocking a few of the sold out posters.

Just a few updates on what has been going on, as I haven’t had the chance recently to write as much on my blog as I would have liked. I received word from the people over at Atari regarding the sale of my Atari print, and it looks like I can’t get the permission I need to add it to the store. However, I will be altering the print a bit in the near future and offering a slightly modified version.

I still have my fingers crossed as I wait to hear from the Daft Punk camp.

I’ve been working on some great projects over the past little while, which I will post more about when I am able. I designed two sets of freestyle skis for Armada, and am working with two different electro groups from Australia and France respectively. More to come on all of these.

As for my own personal art, I’ve been experimenting with pattern and repetition overlays to see how they affect my shape assets. The results have been interesting as I try to cram more detail into my work, but this all makes for some huge file saves. I will post some images on this very soon.






4 responses to “New proof and updates”

  1. Blake Avatar

    So if we were to say, order a couple other prints from the store, would it be possible to get an Atari print by some other means? :)

  2. james Avatar

    Blake, that is a good question. I have a very small number of Atari posters that I had printed up a month ago. I’m currently trying to devise a plan on how I can get them to those who would like a copy, without putting a price tag on them. Perhaps a poster pack like you mentioned would work.

  3. Jeff Avatar

    Hi James!

    Could you tell us where you’re having these printed? It’s always so hard to find a decent printer!

  4. DJCarbon43 Avatar

    I’d also be interested in purchasing a few prints at the same time. Could you contact me at djcarbon43 [at] gmail dot com? Keep up the beautiful designs.

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