SNBC:65 – Lots of stories

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  1. Loved this SNBC. :) I watched a few of those 64 that came before this, I really wish I could watch it live. Being on the other side of the pond doesn’t really help though. Loved the topics you covered and just love your style of just chatting away and discuss stuff. Been following your work for a few years now and been following your blog and I really really like what you’re up to. It’s some really honest work. Love your approach of just doing stuff and going for it. Really cool. Keep it up. :) P.S.: might go back and watch some older SNBC methinks.


  2. Nice video dude. Was wondering if you were going to make a comeback to the SNBC world and Im glad it came now :) Im hoping that you get to do more Movie Posters, actually I should say, Im hoping that you WANT to do more posters!
    I have a silly question: Did you actually like Tron: Legacy? I remember the massive lead up you made for it but I don’t think you actually gave a review or your opinion on anything lol.. I just wanted to know haha..
    Keep at it mate.. As you’ve said, your work is what you make it and this new style you have teased us with, looks to be great :) Thanks James

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