SNBC:53 – General Q&A

For those who were unable to tune in live yesterday for SNBC:53, here is the recorded version for you to check out. I might have been a bit sick yesterday but I missed the previous week’s broadcast because I was traveling. So here we go.

I didn’t have a topic once again, just a general question and answer period where we covered topics such as the Signalnoise Store and new products, video game box art, designing with a grid, designing the “bullseye”, the idea of timeless design, changing your artistic style, and a bunch of other fun subjects.

So have a watch, and I will see you at the regular time next week, Thursday at 3pm EST.






2 responses to “SNBC:53 – General Q&A”

  1. Simon Avatar

    Hey Buddy,
    I love your broadcasts, can’t always follow them live…i’m working on that, but i always check them out on here. I find your ‘rambling’ inspiring buddy…always puts me in the right frame of mind if i’m doubting myself in any way…nice to find someone doing what they love and sticking with it and actually making it…so good to see.
    Take it easy.

  2. 12345 Avatar

    Why does is the video choppy? and it slows down my computer?

    it happens only on your video

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