SNBC:50 – Signalnoise 12th birthday

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:50, a big show! This show was live last Wednesday, as opposed to my normal timeslot of Thursday. The reason for that is because April 20th was the 12th birthday of I registered the Signalnoise domain name back in 1999 when I started my career in the web field. It’s been a wild ride over the last 12 years, so what I decided to do for this show was to tell the story of the website. When it started, why it started, what it was used for at various points in my career, how it changed, etc.

Not many questions were answered, just a sprawling story. The reason for this was simple: I get a lot of questions about my past experience and education and I thought it would be nice to have the full story all in one place for those interested. I had a great time doing this one, and totally needed a nap afterward. And as a capper, my pal Jerko showed up for the second installment of Ask Jerko. Hilarious.

Big thanks to my pal Nick Campbell for the hand-off as part of the 3 Hours of Power. Always enjoy doing back-to-back shows for a larger block of creative talk. Thanks Nick!






2 responses to “SNBC:50 – Signalnoise 12th birthday”

  1. Jessica Lee Avatar

    This is a very long video but I watched the entire video without taking a break. I enjoyed every single minute watching this video and found it very inspirational.
    When you were talking about 10+ years ago when you just got out of college, I was like “it sounds just like my story”!
    Watching your video reminded me that I need to spend more time working on self-initiated art/design projects without caring about what others might think of my artworks.

  2. Jesse Avatar

    I always enjoy the brodcasts, I am catching up very slowly haha. Workin on my own projects without caring what others think is tough for me as well, I will always be workin on that.

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