SNBC:47 – Personal Creativity

Here is the recorded version of SNBC:47 with a focus on personal creativity. The day before I recorded this SNBC, Nick Campbell over at Greyscalegorilla did a very interesting GSG Live Cast focused on the work and creativity that lands outside of client and technical stuff. I really enjoyed his ideas, philosophies and insights on this very abstract topic. It’s very difficult to talk about where our personal creativity comes from and what we can do with it, but Nick did a wonderful job. His broadcast is posted above, highly recommend giving it a watch.

So the day after I decided to springboard off his discussion and talk about my own experience when dealing with personal work and creativity. Both of our broadcasts deal not with the “how” of what we do, but rather the “why” we do what we do. It was great to discuss this topic with viewers, and I hope you enjoy.






3 responses to “SNBC:47 – Personal Creativity”

  1. MasterFGH Avatar

    Nice to see you found the time to post the past podcasts, informative and sophisticated as always.

  2. Heavy Junk Avatar
    Heavy Junk

    Am I the only one who can’t view Nick’s stream?

  3. Hector Tuso Avatar
    Hector Tuso

    Hey !!! Love this Blog, is great that you share your experiences whit us. I found the blog by casuality and was following it since then.
    although, I do not work in design but is one of my hobbies.
    Sorry if my writing is not good..

    Greetings from Argentina

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