SNBC:45 – WIRED dropcap PSD breakdown

If you weren’t able to tune into SNBC:45 a couple of weeks ago, here is the recorded version for you to check out. This time around I did another live Photoshop breakdown of one of my recent designs for WIRED Magazine. I did some type design for the magazine and I demonstrate here of the vector and raster work, showing some layers, effects and tricks. Following the demo, we had a general art and design QA where we discussed poster printing, tech stuff and other fun topics. Always a great time.

Sorry about the split video, Ustream failed on me again and I had to restart the recording midway through. Can’t win ’em all.






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  1. Denise P. Grigg Avatar
    Denise P. Grigg

    Nice videos. Great demo anyway. I will try to follow your demo i hope that it works to me :) .

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