SNBC returning November 8

SNBC (Signalnoise Broadcast) will be returning November 8th with a regular schedule. Come back next Thursday for the kick-off episode #68, live art and design discussion.

2pm EST. Hope to see you there.






14 responses to “SNBC returning November 8”

  1. Matthew Marshall Avatar

    2 Days before my birthday.

    Coincidence…? Probably.

  2. Janne Avatar

    Yes! Can’t wait.

  3. ricardo machado Avatar

    Great! Have you already decided at what time you will broadcast? it’s Ustream?

  4. Cameron Avatar

    SNBC…The Comeback!!

    I always liked tuning into your broadcast each week and I’m so glad you’re bringing them back.

  5. Solo71 Avatar

    Thats the best news i’ve heard all day!!

  6. Dave Hardy Avatar

    SNBC newsflash… a great way to end the week!

  7. Derrick Lightcsy Avatar
    Derrick Lightcsy

    Awesome! I am excited to hear SNBC making a comeback. Not to get emotional but you are my Design Inspiration James. Thank you Sir .

  8. Creative Chat Avatar

    looking forward to the show, excited.

  9. Leukocyt Avatar


    Too bad I can’t be there. Will be interviewing a guy for a company I work for… Hey, maybe we’ll just watch the Broadcast together! If he stays silent until the end I’ll hire him :)

  10. BigVince Avatar

    How do we watch?

  11. Andrey Avatar

    Hey James! It was 3 am here in China so I didn’t make it :(
    Did you record this one?

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