SNBC promotional poster

An unused client piece adapted to a little promotional poster for the Signalnoise Broadcast.







14 responses to “SNBC promotional poster”

  1. Pentaura Avatar

    I love this piece. I love the radial change in colour. However, I personally would make the lightning bolt look like it is hitting the top of the tower, but thats just me. Great Work!

  2. GuiHarrison Avatar

    BAD ASS!

    Pure design powered broadcast.

  3. Studio8 Avatar

    I like the icon of the tower man. Good job.

  4. Peter Avatar

    Looks great! I like how the radio waves use the colour to suggest movement.

  5. Corinne Avatar

    Wow! Everything about this is great.

  6. james Avatar

    Thanks for the kind comments, gang. This is something I threw together for a job and liked the idea too much to shelve it.

    Pentaura, yeah the bolt was a little strange to balance and I’m still not sure I like it breaking up the radium lines. Might play with it some more. Thanks for the feedback, man.

  7. Corinne Avatar

    Have you tried making a thinner bolt and white (maybe transparent) to match the tower? How about removing it altogether?

  8. Ben den Hartog Avatar
    Ben den Hartog

    Hhahahaha this is James White beaming out colorful waves of energy, enthusiasm and motivation! It’s the painkiller, our saviour from out the sky in answer to our pleas! Through boiling clouds of thunder, blasting bolts of steel! …

    Might be a cool idea to do some kind of guestlist on the broadcasting page..

  9. John Avatar

    Wicked Awesome!!!

  10. james Avatar

    Had to ditch that lightning bolt. Just wasn’t sitting right with me all day. Much cleaner without it.

  11. Jorden Tually Avatar

    Man this rocks! Now we sit back and watch the visitors come!

  12. Riotmateria Avatar

    ahaa the return of the signature rainbow shards :P
    realy like it, james :D
    if i didnt already, this would entice me to watch them :)

  13. Cameron Avatar

    Haha, should have definelty looked at all the comments first before spending time looking for this mystery lightning bolt!

    On another note, the poster looks rad James! Good job! I love the simplicity of the tower!

  14. ricardo machado Avatar

    i like those almost invisible waves right next to the tower top. As always, your work It’s in the details, man. Congratulations.

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