SNBC: End of Season 1

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  1. Groovy. Keep up the good work. It’s been fun watching these shows. I always like the live interaction that ustream gives. So great.

  2. Thanks for an epic journey ^^ I cant actually watch the live streams but keep up with the recorded ones :) Love the talk gives a lot of insight on your work process.

  3. Thanks James, for the fantastic hours!! Like a huge black hole, drawing people in from all over the world to come together, interact together, talking together, having a lot of fun together, meeting new people, making friends, AWESOME times. Keep them coming James!! Your enthusiasm is infectious!!

    btw you showed some cool tricks on the last episode with popping in the images!!

  4. Dano, I really appreciate your letting me know about Producer 2. Very nice program, certainly a giant leap forward and a pleasure to use. Big thanks for that.

    Phantom, Season 2 will certainly still have the live interaction. Talking with people from all around the world once a week was my favorite part of the ‘casts.

    Ben, meeting people through the broadcasts has been absolutely wonderful. FITC and OFFF was amazing because of those loyal viewers who I met and hung out with, and it’s great to see others becoming friends through the chat window. World is pretty small.

  5. James, at the time I stumbled across your broadcast, I was a lost un-inspired soul working the typical 9-5 design job. You inspired me to get out there and create personal projects. I owe a lot of my recent success to you for inspiring me. Thanks again for the great inspiration and keep up the incredible work. As soon as I get my blog up, mad props are coming your way!

  6. Arg! Just as my schedule was letting me tune in live! Seriously though, keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see what you have cooking up for Season 2.

  7. I joined your live casts about 35 episodes in, by then I guess you would’ve really hit your stride. They were always a pleasure to watch. I got to join in the chat a couple times (until it got blocked at work). I too have become acquaintances with your viewers and thanks to you, my world of graphic design opened up.

    Thanks from little Barbados!

  8. I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but i will.
    Thank you for taking the time to do this James!

  9. Fulton, I think all of every episode can be considered one giant outtake.

    Quest85, awesome to hear that the message is getting through. Pumped to hear that the ‘casts have been helping you out. Thanks for the note.

    John, I’ll be back soon enough, man. Thanks for the kind words.

    Rasheed, yeah I haven’t seen your name come up in a while. Too bad my content wasn’t safe for work. Ha! Thanks so much for tuning in, truly appreciated.

    Breq, I dare you to watch all 64 back-to-back. That is my mission to you.

  10. I always enjoy your show, its one of the two things I really look forward to every week, you and Nick Campbell’s show. the two of you should really do a live stream together.

  11. I tune in every week, work just blocks the chat feature. I try to get in my questions with the #4SNBC hashtag :) .

    “Keep the metal ALIVE” #notaMetalHead :)

  12. From the very first broadcast back in 2009 to the last one this past week, it’s been such an amazing journey, James. SNBC for me was one of the biggest sources of inspiration and priceless knowledge, tons of fun, new friends (and old buddies already!) and so much more. It’s a shame that I couldn’t make it to Barcelona in June to meet the SNBC gang, but hopefully next year will bring us another international event.

    Needless to day, I’m looking forward to SNBC Season 2!

    And your Merchline storefront! ;)

  13. Wow I just stumbled upon these wonderful “broadcasts” after finding you on psdtuts. These are great for a young aspiring desinger like myself. So much material to learn from. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for your dedication James! When I was able to catch a show, I greatly enjoyed your sense of humour and design insight. Looking forward to the Season 2 premiere!

  15. Thanks James for taking the time to enrich/encourage/inspire a rag-tag bunch of heroes (/heroines)! I’ve really enjoyed watching and participating in the broadcasts – they have become an integral part of my Thursdays. I’m pretty sure I’m all caught up on them, so it’s time to take it to the streets!

    Thanks for the inspiration and laughs. Can’t wait for SNBC 2 :)

  16. Can’t wait for Season 2 of SNBC. Will be checking the tweets about it. Awesome time watching and hanging on SNBC.

  17. Really loved your bc’s.
    It got me connected with a lot of interesting people and your answers to my questions had a huge impact on the designer side of my brain.

    Thank YOU sir and see you at S2 ;)


  18. No more SNBC? What can I say James…………..
    CHICKEN! ;-)
    (No Signalnoise Comment without some hidden Movie Quote HAHA)

    Man, it´s great to see you workin things out and making sense of what you did in all these live shows. It was a pleasure for me to be part of it and a pleasure to meet so many talented and cool people!
    What a great way to let US be part of your life.

    See you in the upcoming SNBC Season 2 buddy!


    PS: Wait a minute, will that double the people watchin Nick´s live show ? HAHA That would be a blast!

  19. Hey James, it has been a pleasure to be part of these SNBC adventure !

    Cool people, great community, excellent sharing moments !

    It has been a weekly rendez-vous that i didn’t want to miss out !

    Thank you for all those moments of inspiration/motivation/creativity/sharing/fun !

    I can’t wait the next season of SNBC !

    Have fun till then !

  20. James I really appreciate you putting on SNBC for as long as you did – sharing your design knowledge, experience, and just goofing around. I always enjoyed the community of good natured designers that showed up every week to discuss our common passion. I will miss having SNBC every thursday, but look forward to the reboot.

    cheers dude!

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