SNBC 78: New Illustrations

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  1. Great broadcast this week, man. Really wish i could catch more of the live versions! Bummer about the movie posters! Wish you all the best with your new direction!

  2. another great broadcast james!…that mic reminded me somewhat of R2D2 though lol

  3. Aaaaand missed the live stream again…*rolls eyes*. One day though…one day :) Thanks for uploading these.

    LOVED the discussion about your newest illustrations. Was great seeing some before Photoshop/after Photoshop samples as well. Now that I looked through them again, I really loved the Ghostbusters one.

    In regards to the movie poster illustration discussion. Don’t give up, just don’t give up, man. Sure it’s frustrating and this became pretty clear from this discussion, but you do an AMAZING job at those. I’m also aware of the fact that it takes a lot of time doing those and you gotta “pay the bills” as well with something, but please keep on doing those :)

    I was cracking up while you discussed the brush rotation topic :D That was just too funny :) Made my day.


  4. I enjoy witnessing people persevere in the face of adversity.
    I also respect your ability to switch up your style. Keep up the great work. Fight for your movie posters, you will succeed. I think a Ninja Turtles creation is in order.

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