SNBC 73: Focusing Online Presence

If you missed tuning in live to Signalnoise Broadcast 73 yesterday afternoon, here is the recorded version. The topic for this episode is Focusing Online Presence where I discussed simplifying your online services, projecting your content in a more concentrated form, and told the story about my own recent redesign.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and I’ll see you next Thursday at 2pm EST.






One response to “SNBC 73: Focusing Online Presence”

  1. Tom Miatke Avatar

    I like your approach to this man.. I have been told by various people, both friends and peers that designers should spread themselves across EVERY platform in order to get recognition.. I was alsways hesitant about it.. I think focusing your social output is more beneficial as you’ve said.. Good talk dude.. Keep it up! :)

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