SNBC 70: The Power of Sketching

For those who couldn’t tune into Signalnoise Broadcast 70, here is the recorded version for you to check out. This week I was talking about sketching and roughing up concepts. I get asked a lot if designers need to know how to draw to do their job better, which is always difficult to answer. To me, sketching is an integral part of my personal process allowing me to throw down ideas quickly while being away from the computer. I told some stories and showed a lot of examples of sketches in this one.

So have a look at this recorded version and be sure to tune into SNBC next week, Thursday at 2pm EST. See you then!






6 responses to “SNBC 70: The Power of Sketching”

  1. maulsmash Avatar

    Thanks James, one of my favorite broadcasts yet. Looking at another artist process is always infromative.

  2. Dave Hardy Avatar

    Great episode, James. Your emphasis on sketching a couple years ago changed my process for the better. I assume this episode was inspired by your missing sketchbook being found?

    By the way, I’ve heard you sell yourself short on your ability to “capture likenesses” a couple times, now… nonsense! Pure nonsense. If your aim was realism, then you’d have a point, but I don’t perceive that as your goal.

  3. Andrey Avatar

    What an awesome episode! Always love to see your sketches, James. Great stuff!

  4. Derrick Lightcsy Avatar
    Derrick Lightcsy

    I enjoyed episode 70. I have always fought with the idea of sketching, and my design process has always suffered because of it. There is just too much technology, software (tools) that just distracts me. Thank you for reiterating the importance of spending time in the conceptual (sketching phase) to save time later.

    One problem I may never overcome is my skill level/set being on par with the imagery in my mind. I struggle with harnessing over ambitious ideas. Oh well…. I am looking forward to the next episode.

    Thundercats HOOOO!

  5. Bendakk Avatar

    Awesome cast. I think I speak for everyone when I say “Dude, finish that Rocketeer sketch. It looks bad-ass!”

  6. Inder Avatar

    What pen or pencil do you use?

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