Snake Plissken

I’ve been wrapped up in other things over the last while and haven’t had the chance to play around with some new work, so this weekend I blocked out some time to explore something new. Even though I draw a lot and every poster starts with the sketchbook, very rarely do my drawings end up anywhere near the final piece. So this time I wanted to physically draw something, scan it, and recreate all the lines in Illustrator. And who better to draw than Snake Plissken?

This was an experiment to see how I could change the vibe of my work and maybe develop a new method of working and a different aesthetic. This certainly has a Mike Mignola vibe as well. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s Hellboy work for over a decade and I learned a lot about using light and shadow from him. This Snake piece definitely leans on his style a bit. You can see above the finished piece after creating all my vectors and adding texturing in Photoshop, as well as my drawing. I didn’t clean up the drawing at all so you can see the ink work.

I had a lot of fun working on this one, definitely something I’m going to explore further… maybe for my next full movie poster.






4 responses to “Snake Plissken”

  1. Rod McPanther Avatar
    Rod McPanther

    Yeah, that Mignola is strong (nice pcs) and its been tweakin me too for about three years to crank on some Hi-contrast.

    Thanks for being Inspiring and being inspired.

  2. Rod McPanther Avatar
    Rod McPanther

    *Mignola Vibe*

  3. Take in Pixels Avatar

    Awesome sketch, great colours in the final illustration.

  4. Pathshaper Avatar

    Or Shades of Mignonla, like I said before. Either way I dig this, those halftones definitely tweak the synapses.

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