Smashing Magazine 2nd Anniversary poster

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  1. Very Nice! I love the texture in the lower left-hand corner and how it contrasts the polished top half. Great Job!

  2. James, it’s a fantastic graphic, seriously well done on this one.

    Automatically springing to mind are the designs of both BB2 and our very own TV2 here in New Zealand. Many people have played with the 2 form and there are some interesting, silly and great resolutions to these efforts.

    Cheers, and what a lucky bugger to whoever wins one of those.

    Old New Zealand idents

  3. Awesome work as always. I hope to one day be as good a designer as you. your work is very inspirational.

    This post contains some nice insight into your workflow, and helps me see how you approach a design. I find that very useful and hope to see more of it in the future.

    I also entered the contest. Good luck to everyone, but especially me. ;)

  4. Love the poster. It’s awesome to see your train of thought. Good job man…
    BTW – what font is that in the lower right?

  5. Hi there :)

    Awesome poster design, nothign better than some good old school retro!

    Just wanted to know from a technical point of view, how you would go about creating those small lines inside the 2, its always bugged me how people do it and ive never been able to figure it out!

    Your help would be much appreciated :)

    Nice work


  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I very much appreciate the kind words, and good luck to everyone who entered the draw.

    Paul, thanks a lot for the links. Those BB2 logos are awesome.

    Steve, the typeface is called Bookman Swash. It was used quite a lot in 1970s advertising. The version on my poster is slightly altered from the original.

    Gareth, the lines on the 2 were created in Illustrator using the Offset Path option, and then pasted into Photoshop to add the 3D effect.

  7. Trocks, the sketches here were dressed up in Photoshop for presentation, plus my scanner is currently down. But if you would like to know about my tools, I’m a very standard 0.5mm blueline pencil guy with a Pentel Pocket Brush pen.

  8. Great poster, Cool concept, nice to see the process you go through before getting to the computer, sometimes a struggle for designers but the outcome pays off, keep up the good work :o)

  9. Hey again James.

    Actually I gotta repeat what loswl says. It’s really nice seeing a designer not too precious to show the work in progress. I love to see how people resolve design issues and cheers for the typeface name.

  10. Great work; I’ve been following your web posted work accidentally for quite sometime… As in, I see something that catches my eye, I click on it, and somehow, often enough, it’s your work.
    Again, great job… Really.

  11. Thanks so much, everyone.

    Bart, I had the posters printed at a local company here in Halifax called Precision Digital. Their work is spot-on every time.

  12. I just found out a few minutes ago that I am one of the eight winners of your fantastic Smashing Anniversary poster. I can’t wait to get it framed and hung up.

  13. Kategra, the font is Bookman Swash. I only have the standard version so I added all of the flourishes by hand.

    Kyle, wicked! Congratulations on the win.

  14. Great work James!It’s a mix of grungy, retro motown feel. It’s an excellent inspiration for your fellow designers.

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