Slick Corea – Children of the Idiom

Phil Chang

La Femme - Varo, James White

Phil Chang has launched the website for his album/thesis project Slick Corea – Children of the Idiom, which is downloadable and accompanied by a book via PDF.

The publication features amazing artwork by talents such as Eric Chang, Adhemas Batista, Peter Jaworowski, Spaceknuckle, Simone Magurno, Pablo Alfieri, Diego Quintana, Radim “Brand Nu” Malinic, Eric Sin, Ravi Vasavan, Justin Maller, Michael Creagh, Kervin Brisseaux, Emeric Trahand, João Oliviera, and Gianluca Fallone. I contributed the Varo/La Femme hybrid piece to his project.

You can check it out at






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  1. Ezepov Avatar

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  2. Diego Quintana Avatar

    Hey James… thanks a lot on your very kind words… a total honor to have you know my modest work…

    I love your work too…

    Big, huge, enormous respect!…

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