Skratch Bastid at the Signalnoise art show

My pal Skratch Bastid put on a hell of a spectacle at the Signalnoise art show on April 25th at Resistor Gallery in Toronto. Not only did he play a solid line-up of great tunes, but he started ripping up the tables near the end of the evening. Check out this video shot and edited by Aaron Van Domelen. Great job catching the vibe of Skratch’s performance, and some really nice shots in there.

Big thanks to Aaron for sending this over, and always mad highfives to the Bastid for killin’ it.







3 responses to “Skratch Bastid at the Signalnoise art show”

  1. Watafak Avatar

    yeah!!!, i like it, great video!

  2. Mark Shingleton Avatar

    Epic! Looks like it was a fantastic show.

  3. Deyson Ortiz Avatar

    Very nice video!

    What camera was used to shoot it?

    Thank you for sharing.

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