launch launchI took a little bit of time to re-think how I use my personal website, and how I can improve on my past designs and applications. This has all led to this version of

I have been using Flickr for quite some time now due to it’s ease of use, unlimited uploads and connections to like-minded artists and photographers. It’s a great engine for a portfolio without the need of messing with HTML code, the bane of my existence. Flickr has quickly become my backbone and a great means of exposure.

Then the discovery of Tiltviewer happened. Tiltviewer is a Flash application developed by Airtight Interactive that pulls images from any Flickr account and displays them in a very slick 3D gallery, complete with information on the back of each image. So, I quickly purchased Tiltviewer when it was made available and you can see my streaming artwork in the Gallery section of the site, which will be updated on the fly when my Flickr account is updated. Thanks so much, Airtight.

So welcome to the new and vastly improved






3 responses to “ launch”

  1. Lucretius Avatar

    Sweet man! Nice site, I’m itching to set one up myself. I lke the feel of this place. Homey. :]

  2. james Avatar

    Thanks buddy. If you are thinking of going the WordPress route, I highly recommend the Simplicity theme. Nice clean design and very easy to edit once you get past the German translation, but it’s straight forward.

    The link is at the bottom of this page.

  3. Ron Avatar

    Wow, nice re-design, great color scheme and layout.

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