Signalnoise World Tour 2013 Kick-off

Signalnoise World Tour 2013

I am busy in the HQ tying up some loose ends as I prepare to kick off the Signanoise World Tour 2013. Tomorrow I’ll be making a heavy voyage across the globe to the Philippines where I’ll tell my story to a giant audience at Graphika Manila on February 9. Beyond excited to shake some hands on the other side of the world. I’m packing up some stickers and buttons to pass out to interested parties.

As per usual, when I’m on the road I try to keep the blog as up to date as I can, but all the latest news, antics and photos from the event can be found on my Twitter.

Additionally, on the way back from Manila I’ll be making a stop in Toronto for the We Made This event on February 12 at the Design Exchange. Get those tickets Toronto and lets hang out.

On that note, I must keep checking off stuff on this big ugly to-do list. Have fun everyone, and I’ll see you soon.






5 responses to “Signalnoise World Tour 2013 Kick-off”

  1. Szabi (@szabiakanich) Avatar

    Have a safe trip and go kick some ass :D I’m sure Manila is quite a spectacular place.


  2. Noeline Mae Franco Avatar
    Noeline Mae Franco

    I’m so glad that I you were a part of my first Graphika Manila experience, James! Thank you for coming to Manila!

  3. gary Avatar

    nice presentation out there! i’ve been at graphika manila this morning & i love the presentation you used! the process & tips you gave is fantastic! more power James! feel sad though because i didnt get any of your freebies after the lecture :(
    thanks a bunch for coming to manila!

  4. Mark Angelo Ungod Avatar

    Thanks for coming, James. That was so inspiring. You are so talented. Till the next Graphika Manila! XD

  5. aubrey Avatar

    Hi James! very inspiring presentation, im so lucky to attend my 1st time in graphika manila. i travel cebu – manila to attend that seminar and it was fun and excitement.
    Thank You so much!!!
    its more fun in the Philippines :)

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